Nomadic Stars



There are certain items that are best to have embroidered instead of screen printed. Hats and jackets are good examples of items that look great embroidered and go hand in hand with your screen printed items. We have thousands of other items that can be embroidered. Have any questions regarding embroidery? Send us a message through our contact page and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Garment Choices

We use several vendors for a wide variety of options. The following vendors provide a wide variety of garments that work well with embroidery.

Sanmar carries several recognizable brands such as Hanes, and Gildan. They also carry some of their own lines including Port & Company and District Threads. If you are interested in American Made, American Apparel has a great variety of items in an assortment of colors. Please be aware that American Apparel's marketing is edgy, but their variety of garments and color selections are unparalleled. Image Apparel carries a wide arrange of industrial wear for business.